Consulting/Systems Management

The Acorn Consulting Group has extensive experience with systems implementation and the management of the software development cycle. Our cumulative consulting background includes the management of large and small systems, software implementations, and special projects. We continually keep abreast of new technological developments within the computer industry in order to maintain our ability to provide quality solutions to fulfill our client's needs.

Systems Design and Project Management

A comprehensive menu of project management services ranging from system conversions to the development and implementation is available for your corporate strategic initiatives. We conduct feasibility studies, budgeting assistance, implementation plans, hardware and software consultation, software development and software implementation throughout the project life cycle.

Data Warehousing/Mining and Business Intelligence

Data mining finds patterns and relationships in data by using sophisticated techniques to build models abstract representations of reality. A good model is a useful guide to understanding your business and making decisions. Acorn is a the forefront of data warehousing and data mining technologies and can help your company discover the secrets hidden within your data.

Bar-coding and Data Collection

For more than 15 years, Acorn has developed data collection applications using both hardwired terminals, portable batch and Radio Frequency (Spread Spectrum and Narrow Band) terminals in the areas of Receiving, Inventory Control, Picking, Shipping, Work-In-Process, Asset Tracking and Warehouse Automation.

Application Development

Acorn provides an outstanding programming service to either complement your own internal development team, or to take on an entire project. Our team will provide the appropriate resources from inception to delivery of a finished product. Our development expertise spans a wide variety of systems ranging from and web development to Mainframe applications.

Training and Documentation

Comprehensive documentation development and training delivery has helped thousands of our users. Whether it is standard Windows training or training specifically tailored to your industry, we can help you. As part of project delivery, we also incorporate quality assurance and acceptance testing (unit, system and user end-to-end). For businesses with large numbers of documents, Acorn offers assistance in addressing document handling and retrieval systems.

Network Support

Our network support specialists can provide complete ongoing service and rollout support for Windows and Novell operating systems.


As an Acorn Consulting Group client, your Service Level Agreement (SLA) entitles you to exceptional hotline support. During regular business hours, we guarantee a 1-hour response to issues.