WinERP™ offers you the ability to manage and assess a complex business environment, incorporate strategic goals and react to significant changes required to achieve these objectives. It is not only an open system to integrate proven technology and manage processes, resources and demands, but also a single solution platform that can encompass virtually all markets and business models.

Your business needs evolve rapidly. Your information technology must keep up. That's why SAP is fully committed to open standards. Giving you the flexibility necessary to leverage existing technologies, integrate new systems, and grow to meet changing demands.

PeopleSoft/JD Edwards
Every industry has its own requirements. Whether they are regulatory, industry-specific products or complete solutions, PeopleSoft delivers with industry solutions that leverage best practices and industry domain expertise.

BPCS consists of a comprehensive set of integrated applications that address the core system needs of industrial sector enterprises on a global scale. It is a powerful solution that spans many manufacturing and industrial sectors, while providing deep and specific functionality for highly-defined vertical markets.

Information Driven
From the beginning, Oracle has provided software and services that let organizations get the most up-to-date and accurate information from their business systems. Today, we solve more complex problems in governments and businesses around the world than any other technology company.
Our information architecture—the integrated stack of Oracle technology and applications—is the foundation for all our products, services, and partnerships.